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Plumbing DIY – How to Detect Leaks in Home Plumbing!

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Although we’d love to charge customers for detecting leaks here at Sewer Specialists Inc., most minor leaks can be fixed without even calling a plumber.

Before calling us for our plumbing services, we highly suggest you to check out the following DIY on how to detect leaks in your home plumbing:

Step 1
The first thing you will need to do is shut ALL doors in the house.
Step 2
Next, locate the white vent pipes on your roof. Choose one for the test and stuff an old rag into the opening of the others.
Step 3
Wearing rubber gloves, empty the contents of 3-4 bottles of peppermint extract [can find in baking aisle] into the open vent pipe. Follow with the gallon of very hot water.
Step 4
Cover that pipe opening immediately.
Step 5
Starting in the lowest floor of the house [basement counts] start by opening one door at a time. You should NOT smell peppermint as you open each room. If you do chances are there is a leak in your sewer pipe behind the walls of that room.
Step 6
Congratulate yourself for saving a few hundred dollars over what a plumber would have charged you to perform the test.

via eHow

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